Off To A Haunt

runningbones (1).jpg

Practice your big hands and your scratch voice.

I don’t want to do this.

What? What do I tell all the others? They let you out for the night and no haunt?

The air is nice.

Boy oh boy.

I’m a girl.

You’re bones! Like me! There’s no boy bones, girl bones.

Well, I don’t feel not like a girl.

Well, you don’t look like much of a girl.

You want me to wear a bow or something?

Won’t matter. We’re just bones.

What were you?

Plus, haunts are really all we got.

I got my memories.

I was a mechanic.

Like what, cars?

Yeah, cars, parts, some kitchen machines.

I never knew anything about cars. Were you a boy mechanic or a girl mechanic?

Boy mechanic.

Do you feel less like a boy?

I feel like bones.

Oh, yeah sure, but, do you feel like yourself?

You ask a lot of questions.

I’m new.

And you don’t seem to know a thing about being bones.

I’m new.

We’re gonna be to the haunt soon, so, you know, prepare.


And when we creep make sure to slide the toe bones soft against the floors.

You think this is a fair use of our time?

Look, it’s something to do. Other than rest and let the worms crawl through.

I don’t mind them. Anything else?

Don’t forget to wave.


When we do the haunt, when they’re not sure they’re seeing what they’re seeing. Wave. And look at them. Just wave when I wave, you’ll see.