This one is my Lakers. It buttons like a regular. But it’s got splits sides. This is why it is my love. My Frankenstein. There’s a twin. The twin is a reversal. I took ‘em both to a lady, she ripped ‘em at the seams and made ‘em how you see ‘em. Pretty soon after one I made ‘em all like this, split from the middle and the sleeves. I have a green and grey, and a blue and white. I even figured a black and red, those are my Bulls.

You can be two yous in a split top. I stand at the mirror with my left shoulder facing and I’m a purple, and I flip sides and am a yellow. What’s a purple feeling? What’s a yellow? I think grapes and french fries. I think wines and beers. I picture a whole world in divides. Maybe I could walk a straight line down the middle of it. I could play both sides.

I scored baskets a long time. I shoot good, both hands. I take a long dribble and a mean hook. I got so many free throws. When I sleep I choose a single color sheet set and remove all my sides. I don’t want to wake confused, or sleep confused. I want to wake up and know the day because the colors I pick for it. I paint plants on the wall to change the balance when I take long looks in the mirror. Sometimes I even have to lift my hand to pick which way to be. I give myself the signal.