Special Door


Oh, I have a special door. Wherever I place it, it takes me where I want to go. I’ve dreamt of visiting Shangri-la, because my dad played it in a song. When he rested my door along the wall, we opened it together and guess what we saw? A paradise sprawled along a city street, across the road was sprawling green. All my favorite animals were there, among the trees, sipping tea, singing the song my dad liked to play.

The strangest thing I’ve ever seen is when I visited the deep blue sea. I opened the door and there afloat, I sat in a box-like boat. I stared out at the endless waves looking for fish, sharks, and whales, but for as far as I could see there was only water, water and me. I waved hello to the waves and they smacked against my door’s wooden box. The strange part was even though it was the prettiest thing I’d ever seen, I was alone, in the glistening sea, and the sound of wind grew fierce around me, and I only wanted one thing.

I stepped out of my special door and asked dad to hold me. He asked if I was okay and I explained there is a monster in the building across the way. He asked me what it looked like and I told him it is a red one, with yellow teeth. Also it has yellow hair, eyes, and sleeves. Then I asked to see my friends, who were gathered with things to eat. I told them about the monster, that it’s quiet as the sea, and that it’d be best if we all sleep in a ball together, under my softest sheets.

I asked my dad that night in bed, to put my special door in the shed. I said I am not ready to leave my world, I don’t think I know it enough yet. He said, “all right my sweet,” and took the door before I fell asleep.