Hey Fuzzy. I's took'a order 'bout a hour ago or mostly. Figure a shoe shine's same way we use'ta caullit. You look about'a ready for nothers. We'll fix 'em. Spare 'em hot sauces. Extra pickly slicers. We know you’s likes ‘em a ways you likes ‘em.

I figure once awhile a man is wristless. And even more than once a man feels like a bat. Twice as many times a felly is wishes he might have a sorta power something. And then there's a lotta other time beings, but also.

I talk'a talk a while 'bout a time. I like to give the sausages in these rollups. I like a rollup is stuffed. I like a rollup is filled 'er up. You like a sammin'? These are favey sammins.

One camsup sauce er two? Them’s is ma' only quest. Onesie or twosie? How many rollups am I fixin’? You look like a ready for a duzzy, Fuzzy. Heheh. I’s makin’ you a duzzy, Fuzzy.