Collaborative Stories, Written & Drawn

What is this place?

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Let’s Worm is a Prompt-based Literary Art platform. Worming works on a very simple premise: we prompt one another through draws & writes. These companion pieces are generated to be digested quickly. For the most part the writing is considered flash fiction or very short fiction. The illustrations range from sketches to quick color studies. We believe in the power of pictures and words. We like how they can work together to compliment a scene or story. We hope you enjoy them too! 



Pepe & DANTE



I was hoping you'd say worms.

Dante met Pepe while studying a book of patterned swatches in the quad at the Art Institute of Chicago. Pepe was sitting on a nearby bench studying a sandwich.  On his lap was an opened coffee-table book titled “A Pictorial Discourse of Foxes.” He had a way of looking at the pictures like they weren’t pictures at all, like he was studying the hairs on the animals, the motion - his head would dart back and forth to view an image at every angle. He rarely turned a page and when he did he did so delicately, preciously. Next to him was his staple canvas bag with a book on Bruegel the Elder and Bosch, Bruegel the Elder’s elder. “The Double B” is how Pepe referred to them.  


“Have you heard this?" he asked, regarding the sandwich in his hand.  “It called Panini.”


“It’s a sandwich?”

“The bread different.”

“Is the bread called Panini?

“No, panini is, uh, package. This I positive.” Pepe then used his thumb and pinky finger to point to himself and Dante at once and made a little hang-ten-wiggle motion while asking, “We have class?”

“Yeah.  I think we’re in drawing together.”  

Pepe retracted his pinky finger and brought just his thumb to his chest, held it there, nodded, and said, “Pepe!”  

Dante mistook Pepe for being simple early on due to his peculiar relationship with the English language. Pepe was a brutalist with the form. His words were hard blocks, bricked atop one another, all structure, no windows, just occasional openings and large vacant space trapped within thick concrete.

Despite his blunt verbal usage, they bonded over words. With great speed Pepe translated a paragraph here or there to image. When Pepe produced a new draw Dante would use it as his muse for more words.  The words and draws piled up.

The pile grows...

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